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Office: 010 597 7652

Jacques: 072 272 5600

SA Pebble Floors

We specialize in servicing both indoor and outdoor areas namely: Driveway, Garages, Pool areas , Patios, stair cases, Jacuzzi, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, Lapa areas and surrounds.

We also resurface existing paving i.e. concrete, brick, tile, pavers, flagstone & most other solid surfaces beautifully, professionally, permanently. This is a non-slip application , water does not stand due to its incredible porosity. The finished product exhibits all these virtues: Completely porous-no more puddles! Highly stain resistant-spill virtually anything. Neat and trim-no ugly seams or joints. Highly repairable-if a tree root cracks , it’s easily and neatly repairable / beautifully professionally and permanently. It’s easily maintained.

Our installations over concrete include a 5-year Warranty subject to maintenance. The longest and strongest in the industry.